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"Hello and a warm welcome
Everlina Laurice Co.
 I understand that everybody is different and that is why I go out of our way to listen to My customers and try to tailor my products and services to their specific needs.
I also like to make people feel comfortable and relaxed here at friendly House Of Laurice
I understand how important your Health & Beauty is to you and I work very hard to keep my prices affordable and my quality of service exceptional.

All our staff are fully trained in the latest cleaning and Polishing techniques and they can offer both classic and contemporary styles for men, woman and children alike. 

If you're looking for a hairstyle for a special occasion, such as a wedding or a prom, we can create the right look for you."
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Everlina Laurice
Bronzer & Red Clay Mask (SET)
Features medium, bronzed pigment and a soft, matte finish
Packaged in a miniature,compact for on-the-go use
Illuminates the skin with mica
Sheer finish never appears  heavy Wonderful for use on its own, over makeup or over a natural skin.
Everlina Laurice
Red Clay
Radiant Glow Mask
An intense cleansing mask that cleanses deep layers of the skin. It instantly refreshes the skin for a radiant look. Complexion is matte and pores are tightened so skin looks smooth and rested. Apply a thick layer, Rinse all skin types.